San Fernando Valley Women's Group

Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Supportive Professional Networking

Connect with other professional women and expand your knowledge of the business world with San Fernando Valley Women's Group in Woodland Hills, California. We provide professional networking opportunities to women who are serious about growing their businesses and taking control of their careers.

Business Woman - Professional Networking


Improve your network by meeting with some of the most successful professional women in the southern California area. Our goal is to offer successful, dedicated women a forum to learn about and assist each other in personal and professional issues. We maintain the basic philosophy that the vital relationships emanating from our connections are critical to our collective success. Our group welcomes top professional women who want to engage in the ‘Art of Networking’.

Stay in touch with other professional women who understand the trials and tribulations of the business world. We come together on a monthly basis to assist each other in business and personal issues. It is through these group meetings, troikas, and independent connections that the members become more intimately familiar with each other's business offerings, client base, communication, and personal style.

Contact us to join our professional networking group and start expanding your business network.